30 October 2011

Happy Halloween 2011

The following is an short excerpt from my first book, "The Farm House." I hope you enjoy it.

Happy Halloween...

drawing of Rayku and Luna
Artwork courtesy of a very talented Katie Hicks

Pam came up behind him and asked, “What’re you looking at?”

“You remember that Scott and I boarded-up that door outside? Well, the reason we did it was because whatever it was that followed us to the cemetery, followed us from here. While you and Jen were up here, we went outside and followed the prints and they led to the door. Well, after we boarded it up, I felt a little guilty that whatever it was would be left out in the cold, so I went and got some hamburger and made a little trail to the storage room. I then made a little nest for it and gave it some water. Anyway, making a long story short, I just looked outside and the meat is gone and the storage room door is closed.”
“So, I guess we have a visitor for the night, right?”

“I guess so.”
“You know, that was really nice of you to do that.”

“Thanks, Pam. I know what I did sounds strange, which is why I didn’t tell Scott, but it just made me feel better. Anyway, let’s get back to work and see if we can’t find a ghost or two.”

“So, oh benevolent one, what do you propose we do?”

“Uh, I was thinking that we just walk slowly around this room and see if anything feels different. Also, I think it might be better if we split up and each of us takes a different room.”

“Whoa, wait one minute there, buddy. I really don’t like the idea of splitting up. I've watched Scooby Doo and I know what happens when they split-up. I’m not that comfortable here as it is, let alone being by myself, in the dark.”

“Pam, there’s nothing to worry about, I’ll be right in the next room and besides, what could happen?”

“Hello! Was I alone down there in the basement?”

“Sorry, let’s just say if you feel anything like that starting to happen again, just let me know and I’ll be right there.”

“You’d better be or else I will personally hunt you down and smack you.”

“Don’t worry, I won’t let anything happen to you. Now, you stay here in this room and I’ll can go back into the bedroom.”

“Okay, I don’t like it, but alright.”

Eric took her hand and squeezed it and then walked out and headed to the bedroom. As he passed the head of the stairs, he felt a little chill go down his spine, so he stopped and waited there for a few minutes. He grabbed his recorder and did a quick EVP session, but didn’t hear anything else. He stood at the top of the stairs and strained to try and see something, but nothing happened, so he proceeded to the bedroom.

Pam, on the other hand, was not too pleased to be by herself, but she decided to just make the best of it and tried to do a session on her own. As she began her session, she started to feel a chill run down her spine. Although she did feel scared, at least it wasn’t like the feeling they had down in the basement and since she knew that Eric was just in the next room, she decided to sit down on the floor and continue her session.

“Hello, whoever is in here, I’m all by myself and waiting for you to come and talk to me. Anyone here? If you wanted to talk to me and not Eric, now’s the time to do it.” From just over her shoulder, she thought that she heard a whisper and a stream of cold air seemed to blow into her ear. Pam felt a chill go down her spine and she was petrified to even move. As she continued to sit there, she once again felt a stream of cold air blow into her ear and then she felt something touch her shoulder.

ERIC, GET OVER HERE RIGHT NOW!!!” As soon as she yelled that, something shoved her, knocking her down on the ground.


As soon as Eric heard Pam yell, he started to run over to get to her. As he ran past the stairs, it felt as if his feet were sinking into the floor. No matter how hard he tried to run, he just couldn’t seem to get anywhere. As Pam cried out again, he tried to yell back at her, but was unable to make a sound. He opened his mouth, but nothing came out. He lifted his feet to try and get to Pam, but it was as if he were running in slow motion. He also began to feel heaviness in the air, just like when they were down in the basement.

ERIC, WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU?” Pam yelled again.

Once again, Eric opened his mouth to answer and once again, he couldn't utter a sound. In the few seconds that he had been trapped at the top of the stairs, he was only able to move a few steps and all the while, the atmosphere seemed to get heavier. It was getting to the point where it was getting hard to breathe. It felt as if there were something squeezing his chest and not allowing him to take a breath.

As he tried to take another step, he heard a creak on the stairs below him. Now, Eric was starting to panic, he was separated from Pam and obviously something was happening to her and he couldn’t get to her; he couldn’t even tell her what was keeping him from being with her.

Pam was so scared that she didn’t know what to do, so she just let her instincts take over; she rolled away from whatever had touched her and began to crawl and get to her feet. She felt a coldness engulf her, but as soon as she crossed the threshold, the coldness disappeared.

Pam was livid as she struggled to get to her feet and made her way through the bathroom, towards the other bedroom. However, when she shined the light ahead of her, she saw Eric looking as if he were in the opening credits to Baywatch. He was actually running in super-slow motion. It was something, obviously, she had never seen before. It looked as if he was trying to say something to her, but nothing came out of his mouth.

ERIC, what’s wrong? Please, talk to me!”

Eric saw Pam come up to him, but it was like he was caught in some sort of vortex, because he could barely move, nor could he talk. He was eventually able to take another step and it was like it never happened. As soon as he was released, he fell straight into Pam, knocked her over and landing right on top of her.

Normally, this would be a good thing, but right now it was farthest from his mind.

As he got off of her, “Pam, I’m so sorry, are you okay?” He reached down and offered his hand to her, but she just slapped it away.

“I don’t need any help from you,” she said as she slapped him across the face. “Don’t you EVER leave me alone like that again, do you understand me!?”

Running his hand along his face, “I’m so very sorry. I didn’t know something like this would happen. I was so worried about you, but I couldn’t get to you and I couldn’t speak.”

She glared at him a moment longer and then threw herself on him and wrapped her arms around him and started crying.

“I was so scared and then when you didn’t come to me, I got so angry.” Eric hugged and comforted her as she cried even harder.

Stroking her hair, “I’m sorry, this won’t happen again. We won’t separate again, okay?”

She pulled away from him and sniffing, “we'd better not, because I will DEFINITELY slap you again.” She then smiled and slugged him in the arm.


  1. Sounds like a good book from what you've got here. Certainly a good one to read today :)
    Happy Halloween

  2. Ann: Thank you. It's kinda a campy/teen book, but it was really fun to write :)

    Hope you have a Happy Halloween!


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