02 February 2012

Friday Fotos: 2/3

And they're off...
photo of greyhound buses racing
courtesy of... somuchpun.com

photo of a lost raptor poster
courtesy of... work.failblog.org

Too funny...
photo of a dog making a funny face
courtesy of...eatliver.com

For you Dr. Who fans...
photo of a cat and a dalek
courtesy of... icanhascheezburger.com


  1. OH NO....not the vacuum cleaner!!!

    The Florida Furkids

  2. FURKIDSMOM: Yeah, those things are evil :-)

  3. The vacuum cleaner one is very funny! We just let it go and even get mad when we have to move because of it. Why does the spot we're laying on have to be vacuumed anyway since we'll just have to fur it up again?

  4. BeadedTail: Our two probably feel the same way :) The only areas in our house that have carpeting anymore are the bedrooms, but whenever the evil vacuum makes it's entrance there, they run for the hills. You would think that they would be used to it by now.
    Have a great weekend and see you tomorrow for Sadieday :)

  5. the dog and the vacuum cracked me up. Duke would save you from the vacuum, he actually likes it, he sits there waiting for you to vacuum him

  6. Ann: Duke is a brave dog! We can call him the vacuum slayer :)
    Have a great weekend!


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