04 February 2012

Yum Yum Peels Out

A few weeks ago, I was peeling some carrots in preparation for making carrot soup. Well, all was going swimmingly, until I had a visitor who just insisted in snoopervising my work...

photo of yum yum in the sink with carrot peelings

Yes, she made a pest of herself and seemed to enjoy having carrot peels land on her head. The recipe I used came from something my wife found, but of course, I had to improvise. I doubled it and we ended up with roughly 6 quarts of soup, which we froze (we don't have a canner). This was just one of three soups I made this day and once I get a few pictures of the finished product, I'll share the recipes.


  1. Yum Yum, clearly your hard work wasn't being appreciated! We think the only pest was the pawpawrazzi!

  2. Good help is never appreciated is it Yum Yum? :)
    I never heard of carrot soup before

  3. BeadedTail: Too true! She did help get them out of the sink though...to the floor :)

    Ann: Yes, I forgot to thank her for her hard work :)
    Oh, it's really good, but the messiest part is having to blend everything at the end. I don't have a food processor, so I have to do everything in batches in the blender.

  4. I'm laughing over here. I have a dog who does the same thing. I made a casserole with zucchini, carrots and potatoes and the dog was all over the peels from all of them!!

  5. AudreyO: It's just too funny, isn't it? I wish I could have gotten a photo of her with one actually on her head...she looked so funny! After she was done at the playing with them in the sink, she grabbed one and headed off to our room to play with/eat it :)


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