10 March 2012

Flushy, Trashy and Sinky Product Review and Giveaway

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I know, it's a funny name for a product, but it is very descriptive of what it does. Flushy, Trashy, and Sinky are professional-strength cleaning products that you can use in your own home. Now, even though these products are professional-strength, they are safe to use in your own home. You see, they use plant-based ingredients which are not only Eco-friendly, but also non-toxic and bio-degradable. So, you get the best of both worlds: cleaning products that are both Professional strength AND safe to use! For additional information on these and more of their natural household cleaning products, please visit my friends at  Natural House.

logo of Natural HouseA few weeks ago, I received a 30-day supply of Flushy, Trashy, and Sinky to review. When I first received the package, I have to admit that I was somewhat taken back at the small size: I received 4 pouches each of the Flushy and Sinky; along with 4-ounces of Trashy. But, after thinking about it for a moment, I realized that I'm only going to be cleaning the toilet and garbage disposal once each week. So, I will only need four pouches (If you have more than one toilet, like us, you may need to get two (2) packages of Flushy to last a month). As for the Trashy, I found in my first application that a little goes a long way and I have yet to even hit the halfway point on the bottle. Now, let's take a look at each one.

photo of Flushy Flushy: As I mentioned, this package contains four (4) water soluble pouches, which you will use to clean your toilet. All you do is take one (1) pouch and drop it into your toilet, wait about 5-10 seconds for it to start foaming, then you take your toilet brush and clean as you normally would. 
Flushy will naturally digest odors at their source leaving a fresh botanical scent. I have to admit that I have used many chemicals to clean toilets over the years and this is one of the freshest scents that I have smelled. Flushy will remove stains, hard water rings, and rust streaks leaving the water a clean, aqua blue color. This blue color will disappear after the first flush, but the scent will remain for a while. As for the hard water and rust stains, it did not totally remove them on the first application, but after only two (2) treatments, they are noticeably fainter and I have no doubt that they will disappear totally after a few more uses. Although we are on a city sewer system, Natural House states that Flushy promotes healthy septic tanks and breaks down waste.

After using Flushy for a few weeks, I have to say that I am very pleased with it's performance. It has begun to remove our rust and hard water stains and is keeping our toilet clean and smelling good. After all, a clean toilet is a happy one.

photo of Sinky Sinky: This package also contains four (4) foaming pouches. With these, you place one (1) pouch in the drain and run the hot water for approximately 10-15 seconds, where the pouch will dissolve and begin to foam. If you have a garbage disposal, turn it on for a few seconds to help Sinky to clean and deodorize it. Since it was difficult to actually see Sinky in action when I placed it in our disposal, I took a flashlight and observed it in action. Sure enough, a few seconds after the hot water hit, Sinky began to foam. Once I was sure that it was actually working, I turned-on our garbage disposal and let Sinky do its work. These cleaning packets are said to help break down grease and food scraps to help prevent clogs and slow drains. Used weekly, Sinky will scour your drain and disposal driving-out odors at their source leaving a fresh, botanical scent.

Again, once I completed the first treatment, I noticed a fresh scent coming from our disposal, which is much better than what it smelled like before. I half expected the old "garbage disposal" smell to return after a few days, but to my surprise, it didn't. With the second application, I even began to notice a marked improvement on our slow drain. I didn't expect Sinky to be able to completely free-up our drain on the first try, but, as with Flushy, I have noticed an improvement with only the second application.

photo of Trashy Trashy: This guy comes in a 4-ounce spray bottle. Although you may not think this would be near enough to last a month, I have to say that a little goes a long way with Trashy. I use it on our cat litter boxes (we have two, because we have picky cats) and on our indoor trash container. Whenever I change the cat box, which is several times a day, I give it a spray of Trashy along the edge and wipe it down with a piece of toilet paper (although you can just let it evaporate on its own within a few minutes) and I immediately get a nice, fresh scent and the cat odor vanishes.Surprisingly, after only a few applications, the regular litter box odor that we usually smelled in the house has vanished. I also use Trashy whenever I change the trash bag. I give the bottom of the trash container one or two sprays and then put in the bag. Again, the odor is gone and the active ingredients keep odors from coming back.

You can use Trashy for any place where odors may be present: Outside garbage cans, diaper pails (I really wish this would have been around when our kids were still in diapers), recycling containers, bathroom containers, and any "trashy," smelly container you may have.

After using Trashy for the last few weeks, I am very pleased with the results. We no longer have the odors associated with our trash can and the litter boxes. In fact, except for seeing our cats when you come into our house, you would not know we had any.

With that being said,  I have used Flushy, Trashy, and Sinky for almost three weeks and in that time, I have to say that I have been impressed with the products. I know that I will be planning on continuing to use these products. And, since I have been so pleased with Flushy, Trashy, and Sinky, my wife and I are going to be taking a look at trying some of their other products.

To learn even more about these great products, please take a few moments and view this video they made (Hint: Who is the hero of this saga? Answer this question in the appropriate entry and this will count as two (2) entries in the contest)...

You can purchase these products directly from Natural House or you can find Flushy,Trashy, and Sinky at Amazon. As a side-note, they are eligible for Supersaver shipping, so if you're short of the $25 limit to qualify on your order, at only $4.99 each, these products make a great "stocking stuffer" to make-up the difference.

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Legal stuff: I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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  1. Those sound like great cleaners! I'm still wondering how I can get my hubby to clean the bathroom though! :)

  2. I would love to try that stuff i clean all the time and love to try new stuff

  3. These natural cleaning products are awesome!


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