09 June 2012

Hexie the Hexane Pet

Katie wanted to do a fun extra credit assignment for her chemistry class. So, using her molecular set, she built a fun animal and named it Hexie. The black balls represent carbon and the yellow represent hydrogen. Hexie is a hexane molecule (6 carbon and 14 hydrogen atoms) and this is what she sent in to her teacher. Oh, her teacher loved it!!

This is Hexie, our new pet. I named him Hexie, because naming him C6H14 seemed a little impersonal. As you can see, he is leash-trained and loves to play with his ball. Unfortunately, he’s not quite house-trained, since he still leaves little piles of carbon on the floor and small puddles of hydrogen. When that happens, we have to put him outside for a little “time-out.”

photo of Hexie. An animal made out of atomic modeling balls

He’s just a baby now, but when he grows up, he’ll be an Octane. Wow, I can’t wait! Well, it’s time to take him for a little walk.


  1. Very clever project and cute post. I think Hexie is much easier to say too

  2. She's very creative! I can see why her teacher loved it!

  3. Ann: Thank you! She had a lot of fun with it :)

    BeadedTail: Thank you! I'll let her know. She had a great time doing this :)

  4. nice posting.. thanks for sharing.


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