19 June 2012

International Box Day 2012

Hello, it's International Box Day and to celebrate, I was able to persuade our two reluctant models to pose for some photos. Actually, they could care less, so I just set a box on the floor and let nature take its course :)

It's International Box Day, YEA!!! Do I look excited, or what?
Photo of Koko laying in a very small box

Okay now, this is more like it!! Room to stretch...
photo of Koko laying in a box and yawning

You know, this box IS big enough to share...
Photo of Koko and yum Yum sitting in a box

Well, until next year...
Photo of Koko laying on top of a box and Yum Yum laying beside it


  1. Now who doesn't love a box especially when it's built for two :)

  2. Sometimes we have to share a box too but having our own is way better! Hope you both enjoy Box Day and wouldn't it be great to make it a Box Year?

    Angel & Isabella

  3. Boxes are nice even if you do have to share!!

    Happy International Box Day!!

    The Florida Furkids and Lexi

  4. Such beautiful kitties!! You know they love the camera, they just won't let you know that lol

  5. Ann: That's the best kind :)

    BeadedTail: Thank you! They had a fun time and even got to get into a new box! Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

    FURKIDSMOM: Thank you! I finally was able to post about International Box Day on the actual day this time :)

    Sheri: That is so true! And yes, they know they're beautiful and they don't let us forget :)


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