09 August 2012

Friday Fotos: 8/10

Answer after last foto...:-)
photo of a Mars bar and a Milky Way bar...a view of the Milky Way from Mars
courtesy of... somuchpun.com

And I thought it would be a Starbuck's...
Photo from the Mars explorer Curiosity showing a McDonalds
courtesy of... Monday Thru Friday

And the winner of the Darwin Award goes to...
photo of a guy holding a bear cub and the mother bear is behind him
courtesy of... hahastop.com

Too true...
photo of a cat staring and saying, if it's a good morning...prove it
courtesy of... lolcats

Answer: A View of the Milky Way from Mars

1 comment:

  1. I couldn't figure that first one out.
    I totally agree with that last one


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