07 August 2012

How to Peel and Pit an Avocado

This tutorial will show you how to quickly peel and pit an avocado. I know that there are many out there who might be intimidated by the prospect of trying to peel and pit an avocado, but don't worry, it's very easy to do. There are a few tricks that I will share, that will make you a pro in no time. So, enough talking, let's get down to business...

What you need:

photo of avocado, knife, and spoon
  • Avocado... Now there's a shock :)
  • Knife
  • Spoon

Peeling and Pitting your Avocado...

  • With the avocado facing lengthwise, place the knife in the center of the avocado and cut into it until you hit the seed
photo of cutting the avocado
  • Continue your cut around the entire avocado. Basically, you are using the seed as a pivot point for your knife, rotate your knife around the entire avocado
  • Once the avocado is cut, take a half in each hand and twist in opposite directions
photo of twisting the avocado

photo of avocado cut in half, before the seed/pit is removed
  • Very carefully, so as not to cut yourself, take your knife and wack the seed. This will cause the knife to lodge itself in the avocado seed
photo of the knife lodged in the avocado seed/pit
  • With the seed firmly attached to the knife, twist the knife
  • The seed should come easily out of the avocado
photo of the knife twisting the seed/pit

photo of the seed/pit removed from the avocado
  • Take a rag and remove the seed from your knife. These seeds are VERY slippery, so using a rag will help keep you from cutting yourself and from chasing the seed around your kitchen floor
  • With avocado halves on the cutting board, take your knife and score the flesh in one direction and then in the opposite direction. Make sure you cut all the way to the skin
photo of slicing the avocado flesh

photo of slicing the avocado flesh
  • You want to end up with square cuts
  • Repeat with the other half
  • Take a spoon and scoop out the flesh
photo of slicing the avocado flesh

photo of peeled and pitted avocado
  • ...And you are done!!

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