10 August 2013

Back to the Vet

Thursday night, my wife had to rush Yum Yum back to the ER, because her other eye began to show signs of developing Uveitis. They ran a full panel of tests and we are still waiting for the results. They also treated her eye and gave us eye drops,Prednisolone Acetate, a corticosteroid, to place on her eye every 12 hours. She is also on Doxycycline Hyc., an antibiotic. After the first treatment, her eye looks like it is back to normal and as of this writing, it still looks good. However, her blind eye has developed glaucoma, which places additional pressure on the eye and produces further pain. This further necessitates her having the eye removed quickly. This trip to the ER did not come cheap. It cost us $405.95 and an additional $42.00 for the Doxycycline Hyc. The money, and then some, that I had added to Yum Yum's surgery fund, had to be used for this bill. Please, do not worry, the money you donated is still in the fund and will ONLY be used for her surgery.

Because they work with CreditCare, a credit agency used for Veterinary emergencies, WestVet will not work with us regarding a payment plan or with negotiating a lower price; However, they contacted one of the veterinarians they use to ask if he would do the surgery for the amount we have already raised, but he declined. Since we are in a debt restructuring program, we are forbidden from applying for any type of credit. I have also looked into some cat charities that offer assistance for the type of emergency we are facing, however, before they will look at our application, they require that we first apply to CreditCare; Basically, a never-ending circle.

photo of Yum Yum's vet bill

My sister is also helping by using her craft skills to auction off items. She has sold 2 of the Maxine blankets and is going to be offering additional items to purchase, with ALL proceeds going to Yum Yum's Surgery Fund. I believe she is even going to be making a cat bed. When she is ready to put the items up for auction, I will post the information here so you can bid on them, if you so choose.

In the meantime, we will continue to look for a vet that will work with us.

Saying Goodbye to Yum Yum


  1. Sparkle the Designer Cat: Thank you! This means so much to all of us!

  2. This is such sad news, I am so sorry to hear this. It's bad enough your cat needs the surgery and now this.
    Will continue to keep you and your cat in my prayers. Hope you can get enough money for the surgery very soon!

  3. Karen and Gerard: Thank you so much or your prayers! We all really need them right now and they do provide a great comfort to all of us.


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