07 August 2013

Maxine Lap Throw

My wonderful sister posted this on her Facebook page to help Yum Yum...

As many of you may know, my brother's cat, Yum Yum, is in constant pain and needs to have her right eye removed and an implant placed in order for her to return to a normal, happy life. The surgery cost is such that funds need to be raised, as the veterinarian will not accept payments.
In an effort to help my brother and Yum and Yum, I have made this Maxine lap throw and am donating 100% of the winning bid to Yum Yum's surgery fund.

photo of Sheri holding the blanket
photo of Sheri holding the blanket
The throw measures:
  • 43" w x 54" l
  • Top is 100% cotton fabric
  • Back is also 100% cotton, ultra snuggle fabric (very soft and cuddly)
  • Batting inside the blanket is 100% polyester, non-allergenic, Hi-loft
  • The binding is red marble flannel
  • This throw is light, but very soft and warm.
Disclaimer: I am not a professional sewist, so please forgive any "not so straight lines" you may see in the binding.

The base price and starting bid for this blanket is $50. If you are interested, please post your interest in the comment section and I will get right back to you. YOUR PURCHASE WILL DONATE 100% OF FUNDS DIRECTLY TO YUM YUM'S SURGERY. ONCE YOUR DONATION IS COMPLETE, MESSAGE ME YOUR ADDRESS AND I WILL SHIP YOU THE BLANKET, FREE OF CHARGE, THE FOLLOWING DAY.
To bid, the following link will take you to the actual post.
To read Yum Yum's story and to provide your donation, please visit my brother's blog at:
Yum Yum Needs Your Help
He has Yum Yum's story outlined, regular updates, and the cost of the surgery broken down. Little by little we will raise the funds and Yum Yum will be able to return to a normal life. We can't do this without YOU!

Some of Maxine's saying on the blanket are:
  • "I love bright colors. It makes up for all the dim bulbs I have to deal with"
  • "I keep hitting escape, but I'm still here"
  • "Have a nice day, Someplace else"
  • "The only home craft project I'm interested in is gluing my butt to the couch"
  • "Talk is cheap, and usually it's still not worth it"
  • "Age has its advantages. Too bad I cant remember what any of them are"

Thank you, in advance, for reading this post.
The next project is a thermal, fleece cat bed, which I will be auctioning as well.
God bless and thank you again!!
The bidding closes, tomorrow at 12:00 PT on 8/8/2013


  1. Sparkle the Designer Cat: Thank you!!! For some weird reason, I couldn't get any urls to show up on Facebook.


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