01 August 2013

Yum Yum Update and Medication Definitions

Everything is about the same since the last update. She still spends much of her time under the table, but she does come out more often. Usually, about 6-8 hours after her medication, she will venture out and wander around a bit. It's really nice to see her more often! She still has not begun to groom herself, but at least she is coming out and interacting with us...even if it is for a short while.

photo of Yum Yum under her table Here's Yum Yum in her favorite hiding spot. It's the table right next to my chair. I cleaned out a nice spot for her and placed something there for her to lay on. In order to make her feel secure, I left the books in front.

Here are the definitions of the medications Yum Yum will be given during her surgery...
  • Marcaine (Bupivacaine): A local Anesthesia which blocks the generation and conduction of nerve impulses 2
  • Retrobulbar Block: This is the procedure for administering the Marcaine.In this technique, local anesthetic is injected into the retrobulbar space, the area located behind the globe of the eye 1
  • Buprenorphine: This is a very powerful opiate used for pain control. This is what what Yum Yum is currently taking sublingually
  • Hydromorphone: Another narcotic used for pain
  • Midazolam: Used before anesthesia for surgery to cause drowsiness, relieve anxiety, and prevent any memory of the event 3
  • Propofol: provides loss of awareness for short diagnostic tests and surgical procedures, sleep at the beginning of surgery, and supplements other types of general anesthetics 4
  • Cefazolin: Antibiotic
  • Rimadyl: Used to treat pain and inflammation
  • Atropine: Causes the muscles in the eye to become relaxed, which widens the pupil. The pupil will remain wide and will not respond to light 5
I've gone through and done these definitions to not only help you understand what is involved in her surgery, but for me to understand as well. I know I could have just asked my wife and she would have explained it, but I find it more therapeutic to do it on my own.

For those who have not been following Yum Yum's story, I have included a link to where you can find out what happened to her. I hope that you will be able to help her, but if you cannot, please say a prayer for her and share her story with others.

Yum Yum Needs your Help

I want to thank all of you for your prayers, purrs, and support. It means a great deal to not only Yum Yum, but also to my entire family. We have never had to go through anything like this before and it can be very difficult and for me, humbling.

So you can see where the money in the surgery fund is going, here is a more readable breakdown of Yum Yum's surgery costs. The items that have been crossed out are the ones that are now currently funded...

DescriptionUnitsPrice per UnitTotal
L211 Ophtho. Pre-Operative Panel1.0$105.40$105.40
L301 CBC Comprehensive1.0$44.20$44.20
IV Catheter- Placement (Initial)1.0$63.00$63.00
Fluid Administration- IV Pump per Liter1.0$43.00$43.00
Anesthesia General each 30 minutes2.0$69.00$138.00
Operating Room Initial Set-Up1.0$78.80$78.80
Operating Room each 30 Minutes2.0$59.70$119.40
Retrobulbar Block1.0$0.00$0.00
Marcaine (Bupivacaine) inj 5 mg/ml1.0$24.50$24.50
Buprenorphine inj 0.3 mg/ml1.0$29.70$29.70
Surgery Pack- Eye Minor1.0$65.40$65.40
Ocular Implants 14-24mm1.0$52.50$52.50
Suture-Monosof 4-0 C-131.0$9.17$9.17
Suture-PDS 4-0 RB-11.0$15.65$15.65
Patient Care Level 1 6-12 Hours 1.0$86.25$86.25
Est-Medications (oral, topical, other)3.0$60.00$180.00
Est-Additional Treatments,Medications 1.0$200.00$200.00
Hydromorphone inj 2 mg/ml1.0$24.50$24.50
Biopsy Antech Single1.0$156.16$156.16
Midazolam inj 5 mg/ml1.0$24.50$24.50
Propofol inj 10 mg/ml1.0$24.50$24.50
Cefazolin inj 100 mg/ml1.0$24.50$24.50
Rimadyl inj 50 mg/ml1.0$24.50$24.50
Atropine inj1.0$24.50$24.50
Felv FIV Snap Test1.0$53.10$53.10

Saying Goodbye to Yum Yum



  1. OMC we have been very bad about visiting blogs and commenting and just saw this. We're sending purrs and prayers for YumYum. We hope the surgery goes well and that she's feeling better quickly.

    The Florida Furkids and Mom Sharon

  2. The Florida Furkids: I've been really bad, too. I haven't been updating or blogging for a few months, mainly because of helping my girls with their schooling...there was just no time for anything else. Since our oldest just graduated, I was going to begin again, but this is not the way I wanted to do it.
    Thank you SO very much for your prayers and purrs! They really mean a great deal!

  3. Have you researched a cat charity that might help? They are out there and for things like this, and I would think they might be able to at least help with some of the costs.
    Plus - we have vets here that will negotiate the price (sometimes even free) and/or make a payment plan when an animal is in pain.

  4. Toystory: We already tried with the vet (it's also a teaching hospital), but they do not negotiate and they require the entire cost upfront. We might be able to skim $200 off the cost, if we elect to not have a biopsy done (this is the only place in town that can do it).
    As for the cat charity, I never thought about that, so I will definitely look into that. Thank you very much or that idea!!
    Thanks for commenting and have a great weekend!


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