05 August 2013

Yum Yum Update 8/5

Here's a quick update on Yum Yum's condition...she is beginning to come out more often, which is especially true when my wife is home.
photo of Yum Yum sleeping

Although she has not begun to groom herself like she used to, she has begun to wash her face and clean her claws: I know, it doesn't sound like much, but this is a vast improvement over how she was just a week ago. Also, God has blessed us mightily in that a huge oral surgeon bill we were expecting turned out to be quite low, so the money that was set aside for that expense has been sent to Yum Yum's Surgery Fund. This brings the total to: $515.00 of the $1,500 that is needed!

Below, listed in alphabetical order, are those who have donated to Yum Yum's Surgery Fund so far:
Anonymous (1)
Karen & Gerard Zemek
Rebecca Mecomber
Sparkle the designer Cat
Tim & Mary Hicks
Vicki W

A big thank you for your help!!!

Here is an updated breakdown of Yum Yum's surgery costs. The items that have been crossed out are the ones that are now currently funded...

DescriptionUnitsPrice per UnitTotal
L211 Ophtho. Pre-Operative Panel1.0$105.40$105.40
L301 CBC Comprehensive1.0$44.20$44.20
IV Catheter- Placement (Initial)1.0$63.00$63.00
Fluid Administration- IV Pump per Liter1.0$43.00$43.00
Anesthesia General each 30 minutes2.0$69.00$138.00
Operating Room Initial Set-Up1.0$78.80$78.80
Operating Room each 30 Minutes2.0$59.70$119.40
Retrobulbar Block1.0$0.00$0.00
Marcaine (Bupivacaine) inj 5 mg/ml1.0$24.50$24.50
Buprenorphine inj 0.3 mg/ml1.0$29.70$29.70
Surgery Pack- Eye Minor1.0$65.40$65.40
Ocular Implants 14-24mm1.0$52.50$52.50
Suture-Monosof 4-0 C-131.0$9.17$9.17
Suture-PDS 4-0 RB-11.0$15.65$15.65
Patient Care Level 1 6-12 Hours1.0$86.25$86.25
Est-Medications (oral, topical, other)3.0$60.00$180.00
Est-Additional Treatments,Medications 1.0$200.00$200.00
Hydromorphone inj 2 mg/ml1.0$24.50$24.50
Biopsy Antech Single1.0$156.16$156.16
Midazolam inj 5 mg/ml1.0$24.50$24.50
Propofol inj 10 mg/ml1.0$24.50$24.50
Cefazolin inj 100 mg/ml1.0$24.50$24.50
Rimadyl inj 50 mg/ml1.0$24.50$24.50
Atropine inj1.0$24.50$24.50
Felv FIV Snap Test1.0$53.10$53.10

For those who have not been following Yum Yum's story, I have included a link to where you can find out what happened to her. I hope that you will be able to help her, but if you cannot, please say a prayer for her and share her story with others.

Yum Yum Needs your Help


  1. These are very encouraging signs that Yum Yum will be okay. Sure hope you can get enough for her surgery to relieve the pain. Keeping you and Yum Yum in my prayers!

  2. Karen and Gerard: Thank you! I'm really happy to see her coming out more often. I really miss the old Yum Yum- playing, running around, and getting into trouble. I hope that she will go back to doing that someday.
    Thank you for your prayers, they are really helping!


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