16 July 2008

I've Dugg my Last Digg: Part-Two

picture of a lot of money behind a security glass in front of a buildingYes, traffic to my site increased dramatically, but it was not quality traffic. I was guilty of the same thing. I had so many Shouts to respond to, I found the only way to get through them would be to just click the button and move on. I had no time to read any of the articles. This is not how I envisioned Digg when I joined. When I start to dread opening my email, then something needs to be done.

So, you need to ask yourself what type of traffic you want to generate: Quality or Quantity? If you just want quantity, then by all means go to Digg and have at it. However, if you want to generate quality traffic, then avoid Digg and find other avenues. What are those other avenues? Well, you’ve heard them all before, but let’s go through them again.

First, write quality content; make people want to stick around and read what you spent so much time writing. Second, submit those article to online publishing sites such as SearchWarp, GoArticles, or eZine. Next, join some social networking sites such as BlogCatalog, MyBlogLog, MySpace, or FaceBook and become involved in the communities. Finally, join forums that are on subjects that interest you (most forums allow you to put your website address in your signature) and be sure to contribute worthwhile comments.

There are other ways, but my fingers are getting tired, so I’ll talk about them another time. Good luck in your adventures!

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  1. I was getting so many shouts too. But there is an option on Digg so they won't send them to your email. I checked that, now at least I don't get them all sent to my email. I only see them if I log in to Digg. And I don't have to respond to them if I don't want to. Thanks for stopping by my blog & commenting :)

  2. I gave up on Digg as well. Way...to many shouts. I didn't have time for all that.


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