15 September 2008

The Exercise Dilemma: Part-1

Koko doing his workout on my Total Gym
photo of koko on my total gym
I am facing a dilemma: I need to change-out my exercises, but I really do not want to miss-out on the benefits of the exercises I am currently doing.

Now that I have totally confused you with that statement, let me try to explain. For the past several weeks, I have been concentrating on strength training. That is, I have been using my Total Gym almost exclusively. Yes, that's right, I have been sadly neglecting my Nordic track. For the past several weeks, I have been working out a total of five times a week. Although I enjoy feeling the soreness and seeing the results, I have yet to see any results on the scale. In fact, my weight has actually gone up a few pounds.Hence, the reason for mixing things up a bit.

What I need to do is come to realization that my muscles need a rest.

"When you exercise, for example as you lift weights, perform aerobics etc, you will break down muscle tissue in the body. The more you exercise the more tissue will be broken down. When you stop your activities, nature will attempt to rebuild the broken layers of tissue, but a little stronger than last time so the tissue doesn't break as easily. Over a period of continuous destroying and rebuilding, your muscle will grow and adapt to the strain you put on it. The skin will stretch and your body will gain size and strength.When I strength-train, I am putting a strain on my muscles. When this occurs, tiny tears are created in the muscle. As the muscle rests, it repairs these tears and that is how the muscles grow."1

In short, the main portion of the muscle-building process occurs while your muscles are at rest. So, why I am ignoring this very important step? Simple, I'm impatient. I feel that if I am not actively trying to build muscle, than nothing is happening. Although this is far from the truth, it is what I believe. So, I need to do some serious attitude adjustment.

Next time: Part-2

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http://www.lifeschool.freedomnames.co.uk/bodyguide/2.why-muscles-grow.html 1




  1. Exercise has never really been my strong suit.

  2. Danny Thornton: Until recently, I didn't much care for it either. But, in order for me to lose the weight, I needed to do something. So, I purchased a Total Gym (the cheaper version through Amazon) and started exercising.

  3. Lea: That is something which I can look into. I have, of course, heard about yoga, but have never really researched it. Thanks for the tip:)

  4. Perhaps you could alternate with three days of exercise and two days of yoga, which is therapeutic to the body compared to exercising and is helpful in body weight loss and control. There are various Yoga's to choose from.

    (Repaired bad link...comment originally posted on: September 16, 2008 9:29 AM)


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