16 September 2008

The Exercise Dilemma: Part-2

photo of a cat scratching a car tireNow, I have been going full-tilt for several weeks and allowing only 2 days for my muscles to repair themselves. Obviously, this is not enough time for the muscles to do their work. I need to start reading what I write and apply that knowledge to my situation. I KNOW what I am supposed to do, yet I refuse to do it. I keep exercising the same muscles; I keep putting a strain on the same muscles and I do not allow them ample time to repair themselves.

I have heard that the most successful weight lifters only workout a few times a week. They know that rest is a very important part of the strength-training process. Why can't I see the same thing? Is it because I want to continue seeing results and maybe "rush" the process? I think that is exactly what I am trying to do and in the process, I am doing more harm then good.

Being so close to a problem makes it difficult to see the solution, even when it is right in front of your nose. By stepping back and looking at the entire picture, as I am doing with this article, it is easier to see the solution and apply it accordingly. So, With iPod in hand, I am going to force myself to take a break from strength-training and I will revisit my old Nordic Track to resume my cardio workouts.




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  1. Sometimes it's hard to be patient, but maybe you could learn a thing or two from me (and Koko) about getting enough rest. When it looks like I'm napping, I'm really letting my muscles repair themselves. :)

  2. Lux: That's a great idea. I wish I would have thought about that. Next time my wife teases me about taking a nap, I'll just say that I'm building muscles:-)

  3. Signe: I know, it's that I just need to just do it. I get so caught-up in the strength training, that I forget to do the cardio part. I also get very bored on the Nordic Track, which is another reason I neglect to do it.
    I like to take the remote and do at least 20 reps with each arm during commercials. This seems to give me a great workout...feel the burn (lol):)

  4. Everything I've ever read says strength one day, cardio the next. Or upper one day, lower the next if you like doing just strength training. Just don't do the same muscles every day. It's counterproductive. But you knew that. I'm almost sure I read it takes 48 hours to fully recover, that's why most use a 2 or 3 day cycle.
    The only exception is walking. You can do that as a supplement every day.

  5. Da Old Man: Thanks for the information. My problem is that when I rest, I feel like I'm not doing anything and I then "guilt" myself into exercising anyway. The problem is that I then go and exercise the same group of muscles...not good. I wrote this article to try and break through this hard head of mind and to finally realize that rest is good. I am giving myself a week off from strength training and I am just doing cardio. Next week, I will start a 3 on, 2 off schedule (3 strength, 2 cardio) and then flip them each week...something I should have been doing before now:)

  6. Signe said...

    lol :)
    Most trainers say that to really workout, you need a combination of aerobic with strength training.
    I know we have a very heavy remote

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