17 September 2008

Just do it...

photo of a cat lying on the floor amidst a bunch of torn-up paper towelsI must say that so far, I am sticking to my guns and I'm exercising on my Nordic Track. Has it been fun? NO, but I'm doing it anyway. Why, because I said I would. I need a little self-discipline in my life, so I figured I could start here.

You may be wondering why I shy away from my ski machine. Well, the simple answer is, I get bored while exercising on it. Yes, I use an iPod to listen to my music, but that doesn't help the fact that I am doing the same thing over and over for 25 L-O-N-G minutes. I currently have the machine facing my bedroom window, so at least I can look out and watch the weeds grow.

With the Total Gym, I am at least able to switch and do different exercises. I am always doing something different so, even if I am doing an exercise I hate, I know that I will be done after a certain number of reps. Not so with the Nordic track, I'm stuck doing the same throughout the entire workout.

To make a long story short, I am going to continue giving my Total Gym a break for the rest of this week and starting next week, I will be going to a 3-on and 2-off schedule. This means that I will strength-train on M,W,& F and do the Nordic Track on T & Th. The following week, I will switch them around, etc. Now, all I need is the self-discipline to continue with that schedule.


  1. Exercise is something that of late I can not seem to get motivated enough to do.

  2. Lea: Thank you very much! That is so nice of you. I'll be over in a bit...teaching math right now:(

  3. Danny Thornton: I know exactly what you mean. Sometimes it is very hard to get myself to exercise. On those days, I end up "guilting" myself into exercising. Once I am actually exercising, I'm fine, it's just motivating myself to actually do it, which is the problem.

  4. I've enjoyed reading about your exercising. I get so bored at the gym and can't get motivated to work out on my own but hopefully your posts will inspire me!

  5. BeadedTail: Thank you very much for saying that. I am glad that I can help in some way. Hopefully together, we can defeat the Motivation Monster:-)

  6. I enjoy your images and stories and so have passed the "I Love Your Blog" award to you. The information is on my site. Have a great day!

    (Repaired bad link...comment originally posted on: September 18, 2008 10:40 AM)


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