23 November 2008

Tangy Whipped Potatoes

Here's what they look like...

photo of whipped potatoes

This is how I make the potatoes for Thanksgiving. The buttermilk is going to give the potatoes a nice, tangy flavor.

What you will need:

Potatoes...10 pounds (1 bag)
Butter...1/2 to 1 stick
Salt...to taste
Pepper...to taste
Buttermilk...1/2-1 cup
Parmesan Cheese...1-2 cups

Putting it Together
  • Skin potatoes and cut into quarters (this allows the potatoes to cook more quickly)
  • Put in large pot, add water and salt (I usually put in a few chicken bouillon cubes to add a little flavor to the potatoes).
  • When fork tender, remove from heat and drain
  • Turn-off burner and replace potatoes in pot and return to burner. This will allow the excess water to steam out of the potatoes. Be sure to keep an eye on them, so they do not burn
  • Place half of the potatoes in a bowl
  • Add butter, salt, and pepper
  • Either mash with a potato masher or use a hand mixer to blend
  • Add 1/2 cup of Buttermilk and continue whipping
  • Add additional buttermilk until you reach the desired consistency
  • Add additional salt and pepper to taste
  • Take other half of potatoes and repeat the above steps
  • Add the Parmesan cheese and mix until well incorporated

Here's what they look like...

photo of whipped potatoes

Hope you enjoy.


  1. Wow! This looks fabulous! My hubby could live on mashed potatoes alone so I'll have to show him this!

  2. These look yummy too! Mom's gaining weight just by reading your blog!!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  3. BeadedTail: He will love these. The tangy flavor that the buttermilk adds, is really over the top:)

    Furkidsmom: They are terrific. I also add a little buttermilk in my scrambled eggs. I hate buttermilk by itself, but when added to certain foods, it really brings a whole new flavor to the party:-)

  4. Thanks for the recipe! We may not have Thanksgiving from where I came from but we love potatoes and this should be a great dish to serve at a get together. :)

  5. Waffle: You are welcome. I know that you will enjoy these. Let me know what you think:)


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