19 June 2009

Koko Participates in International Box Day

I was just going through my feeds and I discovered it was International Box Day. So, in recognition of this most prestigious of days, Koko would like to take this opportunity to put in his two cents. Oh, if you came here for Friday Fotos, please scroll down.

I sniff at International Box Day...
Photo of Koko in big box

I own this day...
Photo of Koko sitting on a box

Halt! Who goes there...
Photo of Koko sitting in a box

Look what came with my shoes...
Koko in a shoebox

Too tired to do anymore pictures...
Photo of Koko in small box


  1. cute pictures

  2. Koko is so cute in his boxes! The one of him sitting on that little bitty box was too funny! Happy Box Day!

  3. LUCKYLADY: Thank you and I'll tell Koko

    BeadedTail: I know, he just loves his boxes. Whenever a new one comes into the house, he is right there trying to get into it.

  4. Oh Long time no coming but what a nice surprise to see Koko in the boxes :D hehehehe Koko so lovely !!!!!!!!

  5. Koko, you have a very fine assortment of boxes!

  6. I'm back to let you know I left you an award on my blog today:

  7. Gaolga: You could call it purrfect timing:)

    Daisy: We have to keep them around for a while, until Koko gets tired of it and moves on to a newer box.

    BeadedTail: Thank you, I'll pop on over and pick it up:)

  8. Haahaa..cute..maybe his comfortable now with the last box.hehe

  9. Those were great - we really like the shoebox ones!!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  10. katherine: I know, it's amazing that he has to find the smallest box to sleep in:)

    Body: Thank you, I'll let him know. I just hope he doesn't get a big head from the complement;)

    Furkidsmom: Thank you. Koko slept in that one for a couple of weeks, before he grew tired of it and moved on to another one;-)

  11. Oh rats, we just missed it. I must tell my cats about International Box day. They love boxes!

  12. Pretty cat do you have

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    21 June, 2009 06:43


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