01 September 2009

My Salsa Recipe

tomatoes waiting to be boiled
Once again the tomatoes have invaded our home. From the time of only having one or two available to use, we now have 30-40 that are ripe and ready to go (what you see in the photo is less than half of the tomatoes we used). So, what to do with them all? Well today, I plan to make a few batches of salsa, but later harvests will be used for soup, tomato base, and just plain canning. This recipe is for a very large batch of tomatoes, if you have a much smaller harvest, you will need to halve or quarter this recipe. Now, on to the recipe...

    What you need...

  • 30-40 tomatoes (comes out to around 8 quarts)

  • 3 batches of green onions (12-15 individual plants)

  • Approximately 36-40 ounces of roasted Chile peppers (the cans come in various sizes, so we get a 28 oz can and a 12 oz can. You can add more or less, depending on your preferences) (We use mild peppers, but you can use hotter ones if you wish)

  • 1 cup of white distilled vinegar (5% acidity)

  • 1 tablespoon pickling salt

    What to do...

  1. Core the tomatoes

    • Doing it now is much easier than doing it after you have removed the skins. If you are unsure of how to do this, I have provided a short guide for you... How to Core Tomatoes

  2. Remove the skins from the tomatoes

    • If you are unsure of how to do this, I have provided a short guide for you... How to Peel Tomatoes

  3. Cut the tomatoes into fourths and than eighths (you want to end-up with average-sized chunks)
  4. chopped tomato

    • Tip: You will notice that the cutting board is resting inside a baking dish. This is to contain the vast amount of tomato juice that is released while cutting

  5. Place chopped tomatoes in a Large bowl

  6. Thinly slice the green onions and add to tomatoes

  7. Dice the chilies and add to tomatoes

  8. Add vinegar

  9. Add salt

  10. Mix well

If you are only interested in making a fresh salsa and plan to use this entire amount within a week or so, than you are done. The flavors will intensify over time. You can also do this step a day before the actual canning process; just keep the salsa covered and in the refrigerator.

If you plan to can the salsa, I will supply the instructions I use in my next article... Canning your Salsa


  1. I've never made salsa before. This looks really good. I may have to try it!

  2. we made ketsup last year with our abbundance of tomatoes, so easy!

  3. Clara: I think you will really like it. I've made it for my wife's work parties and it has always been well received.

    mommanator: Hey, that's something I never thought to make. Do you have a recipe I can use? (hint, hint):)

  4. Tim it looks really delicious!! I love home made salsa but like Clara have never actually made any myself.

    I may have to give this a go!! I was just too too tired to leave a comment when I passed through in the wee hours this morning.

    Tonight I am signing off early, calling to talk with my kids, my hubby, play with my poor neglected pets and be a zombie watching t.v.!

    I will exercise tomorrow okay?

  5. Mmmm, homemade salsa! My husband makes salsa quite often since we love it so much. Homemade certainly tastes better than store bought bottled stuff doesn't it?

  6. Shinade aka Jackie: I think you'll like this recipe. It tastes great fresh. I hope you have a relaxing evening:)
    I'll be exercising tomorrow, too.

    BeadedTail: I agree! Even if it's made in NEW YORK CITY!!!

  7. BeadedTail: From those Pace Picante commercials where they say, "this stuff's made in New York City!"

  8. LOL! Yeah, I know! Aren't you supposed to say "Get the rope"!

    P.S. The game just ended. Congrats to Boise for beating the Ducks!

  9. BeadedTail: Yeah, but I forgot. It's been so long since I've seen one of those commercials and I had one LONG day with teaching, so my mind was, shall we say, on strike.

    Thank you. It wasn't pretty, but we beat them...once at their place and now at ours!


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