13 November 2010

Our Thanksgiving Menu and Making Compound Butter

Wow, a compound title...

Okay, here's our Thanksgiving menu:

  • Dinner Rolls...I'm tweaking the recipe as I write this, so we will see how it turns out. Hey, I actually kept track of the measurements this time

  • Whipped Potatoes...there's a shock

  • Manicotti...Yes, something different and just because I won't have enough to do, I'll be making my own Ricotta cheese to use in it. I am currently trying to find a recipe for this, so if you have one, please let me know. As soon as I have made and tried a successful recipe, I will share it with you

  • Turkey

  • Pumpkin Pie Cheesecake...Again, something different, but it's really good

  • Apple Pie with Crème Fraîche and Black Pepper...This has become a family tradition

Over the next week, I'll be sharing each of these recipes and I'll also sneak in a few others that I have done at previous Thanksgivings. Because some of these dishes require advance preparation, I'm going to start by sharing those with you. To start things off, here is a guide to making Compound Butter. This is what I use to give additional flavor to the turkey (although, you could also use it in the potatoes).

Compound Butter:

Things you'll need:

Butter...1 lb. (4 sticks) unsalted, please
Fresh Sage...1 Tbsp
Fresh Rosemary...1 Tbsp
Fresh Thyme...1 Tbsp
Olive Oil...1Tbsp

These three (sage, rosemary, and thyme) are also referred to as a Poultry Mix. All measurements are considered a baseline; if you prefer a stronger flavor, you can increase the amount of herbs or reduce the amount for a milder flavor. If you cannot find fresh herbs and need to use dried herbs, you will need to reduce the baseline measurements by 1/2, as the dried herbs have a more concentrated flavor.

  • Place butter on counter to soften

  • Take the herbs (try to avoid including the stems) and chop them very fine or, if you have a food processor, place them in there and pulse until finely chopped.

  • Next take your softened butter and place in your food processor

  • Add olive oil...(this allows you to work with the butter more easily)

    • If you do not have a food processor (like me), place butter and herbs in a bowl and mix with a mixer until well combined.

  • Pulse until well combined

  • Take plastic wrap and place on the counter

  • empty butter onto the plastic wrap

  • fold the wrap over the butter

  • Using the edge of a cookie tray or other straight object, press it against the butter and tightly form into a log about 1-inch in diameter (the plastic wrap acts as a mold)

  • careful not to get the plastic wrap under the butter, roll-up and twist both ends

  • place butter in refrigerator


  1. I make my butter much the same way, only without the olive oil. It's so good!

    And I want to come to your home for Thanksgiving! LOL

  2. Storm, The Psychotic Housewife: It's a little more work, but very worth the effort.
    There's always room for a few more :)

  3. YAY! I can't wait to sink my teeth into that! I'm so glad we are able to get up there this year!

  4. Your menu sounds delicious. I like the idea of pumpkin pie cheesecake. Thanks for the recipe for the compound butter.

  5. oh Tim...Walter will be here in just a few minutes and I am rushing around like mad.

    I will definitely get this copied down tomorrow. Your entire menu sounds fantastic.

    I can't wait to get the recipe for the pumpkin cheesecake!!

    Wow...blogging and cooking is difficult...at least for me...I'm not use to Walter being here for Sunday dinner..gotta' run!

  6. The manicotti threw me off but it sounds really good! I bet that butter is delicious on nice warm dinner rolls. Yum!

  7. Rebekah: Hi, We're looking forward to seeing you!

    Ann: You're welcome. The cheesecake is something new this year. I made it once for my wife's work and it turned out really well.

    Shinade: Thank you. I hope you and Walter had a great day!

    BeadedTail: The manicotti is something new and very different, so we'll see how it is accepted. Yes, the butter is fantastic on rolls; I even slip some into the potatoes :)


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