09 November 2010

Something is Afoot

Is it Friday, yet?

photo of koko's foot hanging over the edge of his tree


  1. Someone looks mighty comfortable up there!

  2. hang on, it's almost Friday...lol
    Cute photo

  3. LOL....wow, you got a keeper with this photo...so cute!!
    Happy day!!:-))))

    P.S. I am grabbing your button. I have you in my blogs I follow, I think. But am still grabbing the button!:-)

  4. BeadedTail: He was spread out all over the top. It was just funny to see his paw sticking out :)

    Ann: I'm trying! This algebra is killing me and with teacher conferences this week, there is no class or help.

    Shinade: Thank you! When I saw it, I just couldn't resist :)
    Thank you very much!


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