14 December 2010

Birdie TV

A view from our window. As you can see, the our cats have a great view of the show. On the left,you can see the tip of a tail as they take a break for intermission...

photo of birds out our front window

Hint: look at the vertical window divider and you will see the birds.


  1. Great shot Tim. I just talked to Walter and he lucked out. He was set to head to Canada.

    He's still in some pretty nasty stuff in the upper Midwest but nothing like Canada got.

    Have a great day and stay warm!

  2. Wow they had some show on that channel.

  3. That's a great show on the Birdie Network! Hope no one changes the channel!

  4. The Painted Veil: Thank you. My wife actually took the shot, so I'll let her know.
    Please tell Walter to be careful.

    Ann: I know, and they show up every day now. Our two spend hours enjoying the show.

    BeadedTail: No, I'm nice and let them watch all day long. The only time the channel gets changed, is when I close the blinds for the night. Koko even fell asleep on the table while watching them today.

  5. It looks like the birds are enjoying CatTV!

  6. What a great close up view of the birds you have!

  7. Hey Tim I just got my Christmas celebration page up. I hope you can drop by and I hope you can join in on the fun.



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