03 December 2010

Snow Day

Actually, for the first time in many years, the schools closed for the day (Wednesday). Anyhow, here are the rest of the snow pictures that I took. We had roughly 7+ inches on the ground and when I went out to shovel it (we don't have a snow blower, since it is rare we get this much snow at one time), I quickly discovered that it was a wet, slushy-type of snow; that means more work. Heavy work. Not a good thing, especially for someone lazy like me.

Well, as I said, when I went outside to shovel, I saw out neighbor already shoveling our section of the frontage road. When I got closer, I saw why: he couldn't get his truck onto it. So, the fun began. Together, we were able to shovel to his house and then onto ours. In the process, I helped dig his wife's car out of the snow and he kindly dug a path up our driveway to our garage. In all, it took a total of just over three hours (including breaks) to finish (with an hour and a half just for our driveway). Oh, and so I can have an excuse to include a shameless plug, if you have not seen the photos from the previous evening, you can see them here in the post titled, Let it Snow...Let it Snow...Let it Snow Now, onto the show...

The next day...

photo of snow covered trash cans

Here's our retaining wall. I took this one, because all the stones are covered...

photo of snow covered retaining wall and garden

Here are Brutus and Killer again...

photo of snow covered flamingos

Here we are after I shoveled...

photo of shoveled driveway

Finally, you can see a portion of the frontage road. When I got to the point where we could actually get into the driveway(we are the last house), I said the heck with it...

photo of shoveled driveway and road


  1. wow! looks like fun...not... I hope we don't get snow like that this winter. I always worry about the critters when it snows that much and we don't have a barn built yet. We're still saving up to build a garage, too! Stay safe and warm - and don't shovel too much unless you take plenty of breaks - don't want to tax your heart!!

  2. Split Rock Ranch: If we got this much snow often, I would probably invest in a snow blower, but since this happens so rarely, I'm basically stuck with the shovel. I wish you all the best with the barn. I bet Mountain Man would be happy to come by and build it for you :)

    You all stay safe and warm, too!

  3. Oh you did get a lot of snow, more than we've had here. We don't have a snow blower either and I wish we did. That wet heavy stuff is the pits.

  4. That is a lot of snow and lots of hard work!! I asked my husband to see the photos, now he's no longer keen to emigrate to a country where there is beautiful white winter with thick inches of snow. :P

  5. Oh my goodness, that is just way too much snow. If we had that much everything would be closed for a month!

  6. Ann: I totally agree, a snow blower would have made it much easier.

    EastCoastLife: This is something that doesn't happen very often where we live. Usually, we will get 1-3 inches, so you could both still have the best of both worlds.

    Brian: It's been many years since we had this much in such a short time. Now, it's raining out...go figure :)

  7. That's a lot of snow! Bet those flamingos wished they were still in Florida!

  8. BeadedTail: That's for sure. In fact, I wouldn't mind being there myself right about now :) Disney World!

  9. Wow! We haven't had a speck of snow yet. I don't envy you! But since it's a rare occurrence I suppose it's kind of nice - aside from the shoveling.

  10. the snow is so beautiful, we get some about ever 10 years enjoy and don't work to hard

  11. Reeni: Once the shoveling was done, it was nice to kick back and view the work I did :-)

    Lucky Lady: Once the work is done, it's nice to sit back and enjoy it :)


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