01 January 2011

Waiting for Dinner

This guy here (we believe it is a Sharp-shinned or Cooper's Hawk), comes around every week or so to dine on some of our dinner guests. He usually gets one and then will sit on the fence and eat it. However, today he was out of luck, so he just sat there for well over 30 minutes looking around. You cannot see it in this photo, but there was a squirrel feeding at our squirrel feeder. Sorry about the picture quality, but our camera leaves much to be desired.

photo of a sharp-shinned hawk

A few weeks ago, I opened our patio door to go outside, which naturally scared the birds and caused them to fly off. Well, a Sharp-Shinned or Cooper's Hawk swooped down and grabbed an Oregon Junco midair. When he landed, the hawk covered the junco with his wings and then just glared at me. Naturally, I stepped back inside.


  1. I understand how nature is but I sure wouldn't want to see it in action. Poor birdie. Hawks are gorgeous birds though.

  2. BeadedTail: I know what you mean. I feel sorry for the birds, but I think it happens so fast, they don't know what hit them.
    He looks so majestic sitting on the fence, I just wish the picture would have come out clearer.

  3. I am so glad that I didn't see the hawk at my place having dinner. I know that's what they do but I would rather not be witness to it :)
    That must have been some experience having it glare at you like that.

  4. Yes, I would step back inside too...quickly! My sisters and I want to wish you a very Happy New Year!

  5. Ann: It was really cool! He was crouched over the junco and just staring at me. He swooped down and got the bird in under second (my foot hadn't even hit the porch).

    Brian: Thank you very much, I hope you and your family have a Happy New Year, too :-)


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