19 July 2011

Here's a Cool Thought

I was originally going to post a few pictures of the strip of lawn by our driveway and ask your landscaping ideas on what I should do with it. But, I think I'll just leave that for another day.

Now, since it is SO hot out today, I decided that I would much rather post a photo reminding us of much cooler days yet to come.

Sending you all some cool thoughts...

photo of our flamingoes covered in snow


  1. Good thinking I feel cooler already :)

  2. Brrr! Thanks for the cold blast!

  3. Although its REALLY HOT here, I'm not ready for the snow just yet. It seems we had it for 9months. It was crazy.
    ~ Mona : )
    Mona’s Milestones
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  4. looks so great- i think you've inspired my decor for next winter

  5. Ann: Terrific! Oh, how's the pool? :)

    BeadedTail: You are very welcome :)

    Mona: I don't blame you. We just had it stay around for just a few weeks and then it was gone. The photo I used was from one storm in December.
    I'll stop by :-)

    Sharkbytes: Those are our guard flamingos: Killer and Brutus :)


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