19 November 2011

Our Thanksgiving Day Menu 2011

Here is a list of the items we will be preparing for Thanksgiving. If you would like the recipes for any of these dishes (Each recipe comes with its own shopping list), please click the link and you will be taken to the appropriate page. If you have any questions on preparing any of the following recipes, please let me know in a comment.

Have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving!

I decided to make rolls this year...

photo of rolls after they have baked

White Dinner Rolls


photo of cheesy bread

Cheesy Bread

You've got to have potatoes...

photo of whipped potatoes

Whipped Potatoes

How about some gravy to go with those potatoes...

Lump-Free Thanksgiving Gravy

Yes, we are doing stuffing as well. I just sauté celery, onions and add the stuff from the box, so I don't have anything written-up on it.

...And still in his bag, the star of the show...

photo of turkey

Thanksgiving Turkey

Now, for dessert...

photo of cheesecake

Spiced Pumpkin Cheesecake

and finally...

Apple Pie with Crème Fraîche and Black Pepper

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!!


  1. Two desserts and no veggies? That's the best kind of Thanksgiving dinner!

  2. yum, looks good. What time are you serving dinner? :)

  3. BeadedTail: I wish, but others are bringing the "veggie stuff" :)

    Ann: Thanks! Around two-ish if we're lucky :) Although I have yet to be on time.


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