12 January 2013

The Snow of 2013

Well, it seems that this year has started with quite a bang. Usually, we only have to shovel snow a few time during the winter, but this past week has been exceptional. On Monday, it snowed non-stop all day and I had to shovel 4 times, just to keep up. Yes, I could wait until it stops, but then I would have to shovel MUCH MORE snow AND it would be much harder to do. Also, I don't mind the work and I like the exercise...it sure beats using the Nordic Track!! On Thursday, I had to shovel once (my wife shoveled when she got home, since I injured my arm a few days ago). They even had to cancel school, SNOW DAY, which I know the kids loved. On Friday, I ended-up shoveling twice. In total, we had close to 8 inches, if not more, since Monday.

Anyway, here's a photo my wife took at the VA Medical Center that will show you how much we got on Monday...

photo of snow covered table at VA Medical Center

Here's a picture that I took yesterday of the accumulated shovelings (is that even a word?) of our driveway. You can see that Brutus and Killer, our guard flamingos, are still on duty :) ...

photo of shoveled driveway
From today for the next week, we are expecting highs in the lower 20's and lows near 3 and below.
Stay warm, everyone!!


  1. Hello older blogger friend, how are you ?
    I hope you still remember me as a older blogger friend last years ago when we play entrecard :)
    Long time i have no blogging, i saw this blog growing and better.

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  2. Aang Bizril: I'm doing great. I haven't been as active a I used to be, but hopefully, I'll be able to start publishing again soon. Take care and thanks for stopping by :)


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