23 July 2013

Yum Yum Needs Your Help

photo of Yum Yum with two good eyes
Here is how Yum Yum looked a few months ago. Notice how both eyes reflect light.

photo of Yum Yum  with her blind eye
Here is what Yum Yum looked like a few days ago. Notice that the right eye does not reflect light. This is an indicator of blindness.

I don't like sharing bad news and I particularly don't like asking for help, but circumstances have presented themselves which force me to do both. Yesterday, we took Yum Yum to the WestVet Emergency and Specialty Center to see a Veterinary Ophthalmologist. Today, we received the sad confirmation that our Siamese cat, Yum Yum, is blind in one eye. The doctor's report states that she has, "Severe uveitis in her right eye with no light perception. Uveitis refers to inflammation in the part of the eye that supplies blood to the eye. Since this eye is irreversibly blind, we also discussed permanent surgical procedures such as enucleation, evisceration, and intrascleral implant(artificial eye)."

What was even more of a shock, was the fact that the ophthalmologist stated that Yum Yum was in pain and needed medication. Since her regular vet diagnosed her with a detached retina, which is not painful, I had assumed that Yum Yum was acting the way she was, because she was depressed (sleeping more than usual, not grooming herself, not interacting with us, hiding under the table). To help with the pain, Yum Yum is receiving Buprenorphine 0.3mg/mL, a very powerful opiate, 3-times per day. This medicine is roughly 30 times more powerful at relieving pain than morphine.Vetinfo

To allow Yum Yum to live a life free from this constant pain, the ophthalmologist has strongly advised us to have the affected eye removed and replaced with an artificial eye. Once the eye is removed, she will no longer be in constant pain and should be able to adjust to her blindness and become her usual self once again. The clinic has provided an estimate, but for Yum Yum to have the surgery, we will have to raise $1,509.83, which must be paid before any treatment can begin. In order to come up with this sum, our daughters are helping by donating their Christmas and birthday money, but we still need help to afford the cost of the surgery. Currently, we have received $515.00 of the $1,509 needed.

The clinic has provided us with a breakdown of the costs for her surgery and if you feel led to help Yum Yum and have the means, any amount you can donate would be a great help to her. I realize that these are financially difficult times, but anything you could contribute, would be deeply appreciated. I would also ask that you please share this with your friends, so Yum Yum can get the relief she needs. If you can donate, I have provided a Paypal button at the bottom of this post.

I want to thank you for any help you can provide and whatever you decide, I would ask that you please take a moment and say a prayer for her.

So you can see where the money in the surgery fund is going, here is a more readable breakdown of Yum Yum's surgery costs. The items that have been crossed out are the ones that are now currently funded...

DescriptionUnitsPrice per UnitTotal
L211 Ophtho. Pre-Operative Panel1.0$105.40$105.40
L301 CBC Comprehensive1.0$44.20$44.20
IV Catheter- Placement (Initial)1.0$63.00$63.00
Fluid Administration- IV Pump per Liter1.0$43.00$43.00
Anesthesia General each 30 minutes2.0$69.00$138.00
Operating Room Initial Set-Up1.0$78.80$78.80
Operating Room each 30 Minutes2.0$59.70$119.40
Retrobulbar Block1.0$0.00$0.00
Marcaine (Bupivacaine) inj 5 mg/ml1.0$24.50$24.50
Buprenorphine inj 0.3 mg/ml1.0$29.70$29.70
Surgery Pack- Eye Minor1.0$65.40$65.40
Ocular Implants 14-24mm1.0$52.50$52.50
Suture-Monosof 4-0 C-131.0$9.17$9.17
Suture-PDS 4-0 RB-11.0$15.65$15.65
Patient Care Level 1 6-12 Hours1.0$86.25$86.25
Est-Medications (oral, topical, other)3.0$60.00$180.00
Est-Additional Treatments,Medications 1.0$200.00$200.00
Hydromorphone inj 2 mg/ml1.0$24.50$24.50
Biopsy Antech Single1.0$156.16$156.16
Midazolam inj 5 mg/ml1.0$24.50$24.50
Propofol inj 10 mg/ml1.0$24.50$24.50
Cefazolin inj 100 mg/ml1.0$24.50$24.50
Rimadyl inj 50 mg/ml1.0$24.50$24.50
Atropine inj1.0$24.50$24.50
Felv FIV Snap Test1.0$53.10$53.10

Again, thank you for your help.

Saying Goodbye to Yum Yum

Uveitis information:
Animal Eye Care


  1. Sorry about Yum Yum and donated. Also posted about your need for help on my blog: http://zemeks.blogspot.com/2013/07/poor-cat-please-help-yum-yum.html

  2. Karen and Gerard: Sorry it took so long to reply. I couldn't gain access to your comment. I guess I had Goggle+ comments enabled and it erased my comment count and would not let be see or reply to comments.
    Thank you so much for your donation and for sharing Yum Yum's story. It really means a lot to us. I will keep you updated on her condition.
    Thank you again and God bless you!!


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