20 July 2008

Ipod Those Pounds Away: Part-One

electronic road sign that taunts people that they will not get to work on timeI basically use two pieces of equipment in my workouts: The Total Gym and an old Nordic Track. The Nordic Track is one of those old cross-country skiing machines; you know where you swing your arms and move your legs. Well, even though I can cross-country ski, I just don’t seem to be able to use the machine. The first time I tried, I went flying off the back and into the wall. So, I just hang unto the handles and work my legs. Yes, it’s not the “complete” workout experience, but it still gets the job done. Anyway, I said all that, so that I can talk about one thing: Boredom. I have to admit that, from time to time while exercising, I do happen to get bored. But what can you do about it? I have something that works for me and that is an iPod.

When I workout on the Total Gym, I am usually doing so many different exercises in such a short period of time, that I usually don’t get too bored; However, using the Nordic Track is an entirely different story. As I’m sure all of you who jog, walk, or use a treadmill will attest to: you can get bored out of your mind! I’ve tried most everything from pointing the thing so I can look outside, to switching on the TV so I have something to watch. While either of those options does help, I find that I still get bored. I mean, how excited can you get over a view of the back fence and some bushes?

So, a few months ago I broke down and purchased an iPod.....

Tomorrow: Part-Two

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