28 July 2008

Motivations and Diets: Part-One

picture of a dog licking a plate in a dishwasherOne of the hardest things to do while on a diet is to remain motivated. I find that there are those times when I just want to chuck the whole thing and have that big, juicy hamburger. Yet, I resist the temptation. Why, because I have found that one thing that motivates me to keep going.

When I first began dieting, my motivation was simple: lose the weight or become a diabetic. Simple and to the point. However, as I continued on my dietary journey, I found that this alone was not enough to keep my spirits up during those “gloomy periods.” You are probably telling yourself that trying to keep from having to prick your finger 4 times a day and have to take several shots each day should be motivation enough. I would have to agree with you, but when I am at my lowest point, possible health issues really don’t concern me. I am not looking towards my long-term goals. I am looking at the here and now.

I know, you think I’m nuts, but I’m being truthful when I tell you this: it just didn’t matter. So, what did I do? I looked in the mirror and saw what I had become: a non-blob. Yes, when I arrive at my first bout of depression, I had been dieting for several months and there were already appreciable results. I had lost over 20 pounds and I could already tell that my waist was smaller. I looked into that mirror and saw something I was no longer repulsed at. I was no longer ashamed to be undressed in front of my wife.

This then, was my motivation...

Tomorrow: Motivations and Diets:Part-2


  1. What in the world is the dog doing in the dishwasher. He is a crafty one!

  2. Wash the dishes and the dog at the same time. Try the new Ronco...(LOL).
    Thanks for stopping by:)

  3. Yep... follow a diet is difficult and is hard to find the motivation... I do know what is that... :( sometimes I just hate that my brother can eat whatever he wants and he is skinny while I always have to take care of what I eat... because I am a fat magento...

    Ohh the thing of the dog, in the house of the parents of my boyfriend they do the same... the dog is the "Wash dishes machine phrase 1" :D hahaha is so funny.

  4. Let me tell you, diabetes has pretty much destroyed my life. It's more than stabbing oneself with pins and taking needles.

    It's amputations, various injuries, and long hospital stays. Scary crap, my friend. And friggin painful.

    It's feeling awful every day.

    If the negative part doesn't motivate you, then focus on feeling good. Taking care of yourself now will help you keep that feeling for a long time.
    Good luck with your plan to eat well and lose weight to become healthy.

  5. gaolga: I know what you mean, I have friends that are like that. They can eat all they want and never gain weight. If we could just bottle that and sell it, we could make a fortune.

  6. da old man: Let me tell you, diabetes has pretty much destroyed my life. It's more than stabbing oneself with pins and taking needles.
    I am truly sorry to hear that. I am sorry to admit that when I think of diabetes, the first thing that pops into my head is the testing and the insulin shots. I just don't think of the other, more serious and painful aspects. I guess I could be trying to block that from my mind. I lost a grandmother to diabetes and I know it runs in our family, along with a host of other things. Thank you for putting me back on track and for reminding me of the horrors of this disease.


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