26 July 2011

How to Make Calzones

I've been having some fun playing with pizza dough and trying out new things. One of the things I have been playing around with recently is calzones. I got tired of just making pizzas (because I have SO much trouble rolling the dough into a circle) and cheesy bread, that I decided to try something different...hence, I began playing with calzones. This is just like making individual stuffed pizzas and you can have a lot of fun with it. Just let your creativity take over and see what deliciousness occurs.

photo of finished calzone

What you need

  • Your favorite pizza dough or use My Pizza Dough Recipe

  • Your favorite pizza sauce or you can use my Papa Murphy's Garlic Sauce recipe (a terrific white sauce)

  • Cheese and any other ingredients you may want to add, such as: green onions, olives, salami, ham, roast, bacon; the list is only limited to your imagination

  • Parchment paper to line your baking sheet

Putting it together

  • Take your risen pizza dough and roll into a log. Divide into six (for very large calzones) to eight (regular size) pieces

photo of calzone dough rolled into a log

  • Roll each piece into a ball, cover, and let rise in a warm place for about ten minutes

  • After 10 minutes, take a ball and roll into a circle-ish about ¼-inch thick

photo of rolled calzone dough

    • As you can see from mine, I didn't actually achieve the desired shape, so don't worry about getting it perfect, because it still tastes great

  • Spread liberally with sauce making sure you stay at least ½-inch away from the edges (if you get sauce on the edges, it will not seal properly)

  • Add cheese and any other fillings you want. Just remember not to overfill it, because you are going to have to fold the sides together to seal

photo of rolled calzone dough with sauce and cheese

photo of rolled calzone dough with sauce, cheese and meat

  • Starting with the side closest to you, begin to fold that side together with the side that is still laying on the counter, sealing as you go. You may have to use one hand to keep the filling away from the edges as you seal (If your calzone is really stuffed, you may consider folding both sides together: leaving your filling portion of the dough in contact with the counter, take one side in each hand and bring them to meet in the middle, sealing as you go. This will allow your dough to stretch much easier)

photo of sealed calzone dough

  • Seal and, using a fork, crimp the sides together

  • Cut two or three vent holes in the top and then place on baking sheet

  • Repeat with remaining pieces

  • When all of them are finished, cover and let rise 30 minutes

    • OR, if you are making these a few hours ahead of time, cover with lightly oiled plastic wrap and place in refrigerator

    • Remove 1½ hours before serving and let rise in warm area

    • Continue with baking instructions...

  • Pre heat oven to 425°

  • Place calzones in oven, mist with water (optional) and bake 13-15 minutes (check after 13 minutes) and remove when tops are brown

  • Let cool a few minutes and enjoy


  1. Ok, Tim, you had to put the salami on the top, didn't you! That looks sooooo good. Wish I could do the dough the thing...heck, I have problems with pie crust. Dough and yeast scare me....eek! Maybe some day I'll get brave.

  2. Looks good! Maybe I will try to do it. Nice Page my friend.

  3. We were just talking about calzones the other day! We haven't made any before but maybe we'll try now. I'm not good with working with dough so I'd probably make mine like a taco with the fillings on one side and then fold over the other side to cover it. Anyway they're made, I bet they are good!

  4. Sheri: I have Mary do the pie crusts... I have never been able to do them. Sheri, if I can do this, anyone can. You would be able to knock this recipe out of the park :-)

    Jen: I think you would really like them. Thank you very much!

    BeadedTail: That sounds like a great idea and I bet it would taste really good! I'll have to remember that :)

  5. I'm on my way over for a calzone, keep one warm for me :)
    I love those things. I've made them at work but I cheat and use frozen Italian bread dough

  6. Ann: Sounds great!
    I do, too. The funny thing is though, I don't think they have a lot of calories, because you can't add a lot of filling (at least I hope that's the case). If I had access to it, I would do the same :)


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